The 10 Best Beach Towns For Retirees

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Seal Beach, California

This is not an error: Southern California really does boast affordable retirement homes right off the coast. Leisure World, a gated retirement community, which is located just 12 minutes away from the sands of Seal Beach, offers some seriously great deals.

For example, a renovated one-bedroom cottage goes for about $199,999, and we even found a two-bedroom at $225,000. The big community has various purchase restrictions, including a minimum age. And in some cases, it requires all-cash transactions.

But buying in other parts of the desirable beach town would set you back at least $700,000. And apparently, locals are willing to fork over that kind of money for a good reason. Seals actually do lurk around on the shore of this beautiful beach town.

The laid-back area boasts a restaurant and shop-lined Main Street, which spills out to a lovely pier and beach.

…Now this is my kind of beach town!

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