The 10 Best Beach Towns For Retirees

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New London, Connecticut

Right near the mouth of the Thames River, this beach town, the second-largest whaling port in the world back in the “Moby Dick” days, boasts a historical waterfront district that has become a creative hub of the city with art, music, unique boutiques, and more than 30 restaurants.

Retirees can take their grandchildren on a whale watching tour or picnic at one of the many parks or the beach. But, what makes this port town REALLY perfect for the 65-plus crowd is the easy access to its quality health care.

A part of Lawrence Memorial Hospital is home to the region’s only inpatient rehab unit and a nationally recognized cardiac rehab program.

You can own a two-bedroom condo in this beach town near the hospital, and within walking distance of Ocean Beach for just $99,000. And $209,900 can get you a three-bedroom Cape Codder just blocks from the water.

Hopefully, this beach town list has helped you plan for your future living experience. But if you’re a fan of the “peace and quiet” kind of life, grab your camera and consider: 10 Underrated US Places to Avoid Crowds

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