9 Awesome Things To Do in Chicago This Winter

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4. Curl With Buddies And Have Some Beverages

Take a trip to the quaint curling rink located on the deck atop the Gwen Hotel. Curling is a popular winter sport, and the iceless surface on the rooftop of the building allows guests to give it a try while sipping on a specialty cocktail. In the evenings, the rooftop terrace is lit by the fire pits, which give the whole place a cozy vibe. Relax there while enjoying the complete cuisine.

The Kaiser Tiger beer garden is another famous spot in Chicago, especially in the summer as it has bocce courts. But in the winter, the place is transformed into a curling rink. There are electric heaters to keep people warm between rounds, as well as hot cocktails to warm them up on a cold night in the beer garden.

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