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7 Best Places to Retire on The East Coast in 2023

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Finally! You are retired. And what now? For many people, retirement is the best time to relax and unwind after a life of working and raising a family. This is also one of the greatest moments if you decide to relocate.

A new location may often better suit your new life and, in certain cases, provide a lower cost of living, particularly if you’re transitioning to a fixed-income lifestyle.

There are many locations that are good for new retirees, but the East Coast is renowned for its scenic views and friendly communities. 

There are plenty of excellent options. From all-weather towns with stunning fall foliage to coastal cities with bright skies nearly every day, there is a lovely and affordable retirement destination on the East Coast to fit all desires and preferences.

Here are some of our best picks based on cost, people, climate, taxes, activities, and geographic location.

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