8 Best Weekend Getaways in Florida

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Vero Beach

If you’ve got the kiddies with you, you’ll probably want to go to Orlando. But less than two hours south of Universal Studios And Disney World, you’ll be greeted by a different kind of weekend getaway!

Vero Beach is the point along Florida’s Atlantic Coast where things start turning to the sub-tropical vibe. You’ll notice it in the emerald tangles of palms and sea grapes and the sapphire hues of the water lapping near the coast.

Make time to check out nearby Sebastian Inlet on your weekend getaway, popular with surfers and anglers, and plan to take a kayak into the Indian River Lagoon with a rental from the Environmental Learning Center, where you’ll also find boardwalks, and marine life exhibits you can explore.

If you’re feeling lucky, rent a metal detector from the Mel Fisher Treasure Museum and try your hand at treasure hunting at Wabasso Beach.

After all, this is the Treasure Coast, and people still regularly find lots of loot from the 1715 fleet of Spanish treasure ships that were wrecked in a hurricane just offshore.

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2 thoughts on “8 Best Weekend Getaways in Florida”

  1. Also don’t forget a little place on the Gulf Coast of FL called, (please excuse my spelling),
    Weekewatche State Park. Read about it in Parade Magazine. It was started by a returning
    WWII Veteran, who dreamed of his own water park, complete with mermaids. I couldn’t make
    that up if I tried. The young ladies wear mermaid tails and breathe through a modified version
    of Jacques Cousteau’s SCUBA gear. The name of the place sounds like something from a
    Bugs Bunny cartoon!!

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