8 Best Weekend Getaways in Florida

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Jacksonville Beaches

The first major beach resort area you hit heading south when traveling along I-95 into Florida is the Jacksonville Beaches, which are made up of a string of a few laid-back communities.

Atlantic Beach is home to the oceanfront One Ocean resort and miles of dunes backed with stately oceanfront homes and the friendly little surf community of Neptune Beach. They attract visitors with their untrampled-by-the-masses appeal.

Suppose you’re on this weekend getaway the third Thursday of the month. In that case, the monthly Art Walk in Atlantic Beach and Neptune Beach is a perfect outdoor outing before grabbing a meal at nearby restaurants, like Hawkers, where the menu of south Asian street food conjures up Bangkok and Mumbai.

And if that isn’t enough, drive an easy 33-miles south for the day to visit St. Augustine, which claims to be the oldest city in the US and is home to some beautiful historic sites and preserved buildings, such as the 17th century Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, a Spanish fortress with a commanding waterfront location.

…To end your day, grab a few sunset cocktails at The Reef.

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2 thoughts on “8 Best Weekend Getaways in Florida”

  1. Also don’t forget a little place on the Gulf Coast of FL called, (please excuse my spelling),
    Weekewatche State Park. Read about it in Parade Magazine. It was started by a returning
    WWII Veteran, who dreamed of his own water park, complete with mermaids. I couldn’t make
    that up if I tried. The young ladies wear mermaid tails and breathe through a modified version
    of Jacques Cousteau’s SCUBA gear. The name of the place sounds like something from a
    Bugs Bunny cartoon!!

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