9 Unusual Places to Visit in the US

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Jules’s Undersea Lodge, Florida

For one unusual and, we dare say, weird location, you should visit Jules’s Undersea Lodge. What was initially a La Chalupa laboratory for marine research has been remade into a lodge. Yes, the lodge is partially underwater, and you can look out of the window to admire the marine life! The waters surrounding this underwater hotel are a natural nursery used by reef fish, so you can even see barracuda, parrotfish, snapper, and even tropical angelfish.

You can stay here anywhere between a few hours to a dull day, as the Lodge also provides scuba diving gear and air tanks for as many dives as you desire. If you are sure it won’t freak you out, you can even choose to stay overnight in the underwater hotel, surrounded by clear walls, water, and fish, or just take the less extreme option and enjoy lunch at their restaurant.

Whichever you choose we are sure you will have an amazing, and very unusual experience.

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