9 Unusual Places to Visit in the US

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Thor’s Well, Oregon

There are numerous unbelievable natural landmarks (some of them present on our list too). Yet one of the weirdest ones is located near the Yachats, just off the Oregon coast. The site is called Thor’s Well, and you get to see where the ocean drains off. Yes, we are aware of just how crazy that sounds. However, this is what this natural sinkhole is.

Previously an underwater sea cave, Thor’s Well was formed as the result of the cave’s roof collapsing due to erosion. The well left behind is about 19 feet deep and creates an out of this world view. You should plan your visit during high tide, in order to see the water rush over the edge and shoot up into the air.

There is a specially made paved trail leading to an overlook, so you can even count on taking some amazing pictures. If it’s up to your alley, you can always take one of the trails down to see the sinkhole at ground level – but be careful of the crashing waves. We wouldn’t want you disappearing in the water vortex.

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