Top 9 Underrated US Destinations You Should Visit in This Lifetime

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White Sands: New Mexico

This next underrated vacation spot is truly unique! As one of the most memorable places to visit in New Mexico, White Sands National Park is not a stop you should miss at least once in your life.

The spectacular site offers bright, white, smooth dunes stretching for miles in every way you look. Plus, the views are unbelievable! You’ll be able to see as deep into the distance, all the way to the mountain range nearby.

This makes the White Sands National Park a fantastic backdrop to take some pics for your memories with the beautiful blue sky of New Mexico as a backdrop.

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2 thoughts on “Top 9 Underrated US Destinations You Should Visit in This Lifetime”

  1. Thank you. Now I definitely want to go to Bowling Green but I may be too old to travel. I don’t think so but I’ll bet my “others” wouldn’t like it much. Anyway I loved the pictures and descriptions.

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