7 Amazing Senior-Friendly Travel Groups You Can’t Miss

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Smithsonian Journeys

If you have time to really delve deep into a getaway, Smithsonian Journeys might be the perfect fit for you.

Besides its Classic Land Journeys, which mix iconic and hidden gems, and Active Journeys, which shine an adventurous limelight on the great outdoors, the travel group’s programs offer something a bit more unique for a tour provider: the chance just to slow down and stay a while.

While not exclusively senior travel adventures, these three-week stays in Italy, France, and Spain allow travelers to live like locals while offering tour benefits like planning experts, tour managers, and plenty of organized learning opportunities.

And because it’s the Smithsonian we’re talking about, educational enrichment is always front and center, allowing you to experience and understand the world more deeply.

No matter which of these senior-friendly travel groups you choose, we’re positive you’ll have a memorable time. So pack your bags and don’t forget your camera, adventure awaits!

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