The 25 Restaurants You Should Try at Least Once

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Bar Dough-  Denver, Colorado

Truth be told, there are numerous fantastic Italian restaurants in America. Another one on this list is Bar Dough, which is built around the wonder plates of chef Russel Stippich.

But it isn’t all just about the Italian cuisine here. There’s a happy hour outfitted with a great drinks program, although yes, it’s at dinner time where you can see the chef’s amazing talent coming out.

Come here to taste the burrata, prosciutto and mushroom pizza, bucatini amatriciana, and squid ink tagliarini.

The Catbird Seat- Nashville, Tennessee

The Catbird Seat brings a whole other experience “to the table”. If you decide to go there, you’ll be welcomed in an intimate setting built around a horseshoe-shaped table.

So, it’s fit for a couple of lucky diners. If you’ve never experienced something similar, you’ll encounter for the first time a new concept of “dinner theater”, with acclaimed chefs cooking for you haute cuisine.

Mister Jiu’s- San Francisco, California

Who doesn’t love Chinese food? There’s a San Francisco restaurant that perfectly combines many pillars of Chinese dining with Californian Cuisine.

Everyone that went there loved Mister Jiu’s great vegetable and tofu dishes, and the incredible wontons and larger plates with quail and goji berry, spruce, and sticky rice.

Stubborn Seed- Miami, Florida

South Florida is the home of some of the most amazing Cuban recipes and seafood options. It’s also the home of the Stubborn Seed, the restaurant of Top Chef Jeremy Ford.

At Stubborn Seed, modern gastronomy is perfectly blended with Latin culture and Japanese influences. And now let’s be honest, it isn’t called Stubborn Seed for nothing: it’s difficult to categorize this restaurant in just one food genre!

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5 thoughts on “The 25 Restaurants You Should Try at Least Once”

  1. thank you mara this article is lovely it made me hangry as i read it.

    i am not a traveler but i will take this list with me whenever i do.

    i love the beaches i have been to and hope to go back to at least

    1 some day soon.

    1. Hello…mmmmm how about a trip to Tarpon Springs…Rusty Bellies Waterfront omg I miss this place. Variety laidback family tiki on the Waterfront. I do love the seafood.

      1. Also…Crystal River, FL…Gulf Coast southern hospitality. Fresh scallops, shrimps yes again am partial to the Gulf side seafoods

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