The 25 Restaurants You Should Try at Least Once

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Vaga – Encinitas, California

Vaga is located in between San Diego and Los Angeles, in the surf town Encinitas. If you dream of a place that has it all: ocean views, fresco dining, and creative southern California-inspired dishes, that’s the place to go to.

Do you want a little sneak peek? They have Baja sea bass with spiced ghee and Marcona almond basmati, or tomahawk steak with parmesan fondue. Yep, I know, it sounds mesmerizing.

Christoper’s at the Wrigley Mansion – Phoenix, Arizona

Although it had its grand opening delayed because of the pandemic, Cristopher’s is up and running and is one of the most appreciated places in the American West.

If you decide to go there, you’ll experience breathtaking design and delicious food.

Joule- Seattle, Washington

The whole mindset for Joule was to make the proper fusion between American and Korean cuisine. By going there, you’ll experience Rachel Young’s ambitious plates.

From scallion pancakes with smoked salmon roe AND smoked tofu with hon shimeji confit to miso black cod with bavette steak and topping of lemongrass pesto. It’s by far one of the best restaurants in all of the Pacific Northwest.

Gautrea’s Restaurant- New Orleans, Louisiana

If we were to talk about the amount of work the French have put in what we get to call now modern gastronomy, we wouldn’t stop talking for 3 days straight.

That’s why we should get in the car and head to Gautreau’s to skip the talk and just…EAT. Gautreau’s a classic French eatery with a great influence. You’ll find anything you could possibly wish for there: from foie gras and steak tartare to filet mignon.

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5 thoughts on “The 25 Restaurants You Should Try at Least Once”

  1. thank you mara this article is lovely it made me hangry as i read it.

    i am not a traveler but i will take this list with me whenever i do.

    i love the beaches i have been to and hope to go back to at least

    1 some day soon.

    1. Hello…mmmmm how about a trip to Tarpon Springs…Rusty Bellies Waterfront omg I miss this place. Variety laidback family tiki on the Waterfront. I do love the seafood.

      1. Also…Crystal River, FL…Gulf Coast southern hospitality. Fresh scallops, shrimps yes again am partial to the Gulf side seafoods

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