The 25 Restaurants You Should Try at Least Once

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Karv Kitchen- Atlanta, Georgia

You can find Karv Kitchen just outside of town north of Atlanta. This restaurant is led by a Greek family, drawing many tourists and locals alike. The rotisserie meat you’re going to find here is deliciously cooked, and the loukoumbombs are a sensation over here.

Americans ended up loving their European donuts that are golden brown, and the perfect way to start a meal, with a cup of coffee, of course.

Eleven Madison Park- NYC, New York

This is one of the most famous restaurants in all of America, and we completely understand why.

Eleven Madison Park has been defined for a long time as a high-end dining experience in New York. Recently, it boldly went completely meatless, for environmental, ethical, and first of all, health reasons. Even so, you will have a world-class experience there!

Higgins- Portland, Oregon

Portland is well-known for its cuisine diversity. Naturally, we need to show you the best restaurant in town. Higgins is almost always fully booked, as it is the home to the amazing seasonal menu and cozy bar Portland’s locals love so much. Plus, you will find many of the city’s best chefs there, before growing their own wings and starting their own establishments. Everything at Higgins is house-made, and the service is unmatched.

Vera’s Backyard BBQ- Brownsville, Texas

If you’re a barbeque lover, you already know by now that the best barbeque is always found in smaller towns, in places no one would guess. And yes, Vera’s is one of those places.

The Brownsville restaurant is specialized in “barbacoa de Cabeza”, also known as barbecued cow’s head. Although it sounds a bit weird, trust us, it’s madness! In a good way.

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5 thoughts on “The 25 Restaurants You Should Try at Least Once”

  1. thank you mara this article is lovely it made me hangry as i read it.

    i am not a traveler but i will take this list with me whenever i do.

    i love the beaches i have been to and hope to go back to at least

    1 some day soon.

    1. Hello…mmmmm how about a trip to Tarpon Springs…Rusty Bellies Waterfront omg I miss this place. Variety laidback family tiki on the Waterfront. I do love the seafood.

      1. Also…Crystal River, FL…Gulf Coast southern hospitality. Fresh scallops, shrimps yes again am partial to the Gulf side seafoods

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