15 Peaceful Small Towns You’ll Love to Move to at Some Point

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Manchester, New Hampshire

If you’re wondering where are all the cultural institutions and landmarks in New Hampshire, wonder no more! They’re in Manchester! The Currier Museum of Art, for example, is a nationally recognized art museum and one of the most successful small galleries in the country. The New Hampshire Symphony Orchestra, but also the Opera League of New Hampshire are performing at the Palace Theatre.

Pensacola, Florida

Pensacola is located somewhere in the panhandle of Florida, close to the Gulf of Mexico waters, but also the crystal clear bay areas. This makes Pensacola the ideal mix between a relaxing beach town and an active metropolitan area. There’s also a temperate climate there, and a welcoming community.

Albany, New York

Albany is the original inhabited settlement that has been continuously occupied by 13 English colonies. The city is famously known for its architecture, commerce, culture, and higher education institutions, but also for its long history.

Throughout the whole year, Albany has various interesting festivals, such as Alive at Five concerts, the Tulip Festival, the Capital Pride Parade, the Price Chopper Fabulous Fourth, and the Fireworks Festival, among others.

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