15 Peaceful Small Towns You’ll Love to Move to at Some Point

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Melbourne, Florida

Melbourne has around 250 sunny days each year, thanks to its proximity to the equator. The city has a lavish and fascinating art sector, but also various shopping malls. Back in 1996, it was the place where the official Olympic Torch Relay took place. Melbourne locals are also treated to a free-of-charge annual Melbourne Arts Festival every April.

Des Moines, Iowa

Did someone say Des Moines? Because that’s where you’ll find low-cost housing, short and rapid commuting, and a wildly diverse population. This city has so many things to offer! First of all, it’s the main cultural point in Iowa, as there are many museums, art organizations, and performance venues over there.

Because of Gray’s Lake Park, Des Moines also comes with a wide variety of outdoor activities. Don’t worry, there are many things to do there indeed, but this doesn’t mean that the city isn’t peaceful. In fact, Des Moines has been voted one of the five quietest cities in America.

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