10 Extremely Overrated Travel Destinations in the US (and Where You Should Go Instead)

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8. Boston, MA

Another city great for history buffs, Boston is packed with remnants of colonial America. Unless you’re into that kind of thing, Boston may not be the best travel destination for you.

Though home to cool, classic architecture and breezy weather, there are only a few things to do while in Boston besides cheer for the Red Sox during baseball season and the New England Patriots during football season. If you love sports, this is the place to be. But if you don’t, try going somewhere new.

Here’s a BETTER alternative to this overrated travel destination: Rockport, MA. Rockport is a small, charming port city located on the Cape Ann Peninsula that’s ideal for kayaking, scuba diving, paddle boarding, and of course, relaxing. For more information related to this city, check its official page and click on the “Visitors” button.

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