10 Extremely Overrated Travel Destinations in the US (and Where You Should Go Instead)

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2. Philadelphia, PA – Washington D.C.

Home to the founding father Benjamin Franklin, the Valley Forge National Park, and the Liberty Bell, Pennsylvania is a beautiful city to visit if you want to see first-hand legendary historical sites.

Now, if history has never been your thing, Philadelphia may not be the best destination for you. Being more of a time machine that sends you to colonial America and the place where Philly Cheesesteak got created, Philadelphia tends to be an overrated travel destination.

Don’t get me wrong; the city may be great for history buffs, but for those who aren’t, well, there are plenty of other awesome destinations.

Here’s a BETTER alternative: New Orleans, LA. Though different from Philadelphia’s historical background, New Orleans is full of culture, tons of entertainment, and awesome foods. Furthermore, the city is still loaded with history, making it a destination for everyone.

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