The Most Beautiful Airports You Won’t Want to Leave

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10. Hamad International Airport

Opened in 2014, Hamad International is located in the capital of Qatar, and it welcomes over 35 million tourists every year. Its architecture is very modern, but, it also gives a welcoming and appealing atmosphere to the whole place.

What’s really interesting about it, is the HUGE Lamp Bear sculpture placed in the grand foyer. The bear also has a desk lamp umbrella near it, and it is the symbol of childhood and reminds people of their precious objects from home.

The sculpture was made by a Swiss artist. If you ever happen to visit Doha, take your time to explore the airport, their duty-free shops and cafes will win you over.

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3 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Airports You Won’t Want to Leave”

  1. Check out the beautiful airport in Hong Kong. That airport should make every list when talking about great airports of the world.

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