Most Dangerous U.S. Attractions to Stay Away From

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We all know that the United States of America is one of the most beautiful countries on this planet. It’s not just a place where people around the world have the possibility to live their dream lives, but it’s also the place where you have the chance to see landscapes that will surely take your breath away.

From the Grand Canyon, the Crater Lake in Oregon, to the Watkins Glen State Park in New York, this country is full of amazing picturesque views that will make you say “wow”.

Since it is not possible to tick them off your list in only a short visit, most people who are traveling will choose to stick to their favorite kind of routes, such as museums, parks, beaches, mountains, botanical gardens, zoos, or big, crowded cities.

If you are one of those people who crave more adventure in their lives, you might be tempted to visit some of the most dangerous tourist attractions that this country has to offer.

However, we have to warn you that they are considered dangerous for a reason! We know that they might be tricky for average people, if you want to play with fire, here you go: Top 8 Most Dangerous U.S. Attractions!

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8. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho

Yellowstone National Park is one of the most stunning places in the country and it draws the attention of people all around the world! This tourist attraction is best known for its wildlife and plentiful hot springs.

However, this is not your usual “go for a stroll” type of park because if you don’t go prepared, things can get very dangerous, even deadly, in conformity with several experts.

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t say that there is something specific that can cause injury or even death, but there are many things spread in this park’s area that represent issues. As you might already know this place is situated on top of a supervolcano, so no wonder why sometimes visitors find hot springs or boiling geysers.

There are people who don’t respect the warning signs in the park and can end up very injured, burned, or even boiled to death, in some extreme cases.

There are also other situations where tourists get hurt, such as slipping on the steep hiking trails, falling while they are climbing up a mountain, or even drowning in a water hole.

7. Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

The Great Sand Dunes National Park is known for its beautiful silky sand dunes and adventurous hiking trails. Even though it is a great place to see and explore, things can get dangerous pretty quickly due to weather conditions.

For example, when it’s warm outside, the sand can reach temperatures that are higher than 150 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it almost impossible to walk on. However, there are people who choose to ignore the warning signs and recommendations and they risk melting their shoes, getting burned, dehydrated, or even becoming victims of heatstrokes.

If you thought that this is the worst thing that can happen, you are actually wrong, because there is more to that! There are tourists who are strong enough to resist the heat and they are adventurous enough to try hiking the park’s trails.

However, for an average person who doesn’t have any experience, things can get pretty bad, because there are many visitors who become the victims of quicksand and other difficulties that are spread along the pathway. Unfortunately, some of them have even lost their lives in this park.

Keep in mind that this is one of the hottest places that exist, so it is not a tourist destination that is suitable for everyone!

6. Half Dome, California

There are many places where people who are passionate about trails can have fun, but the Half Dome in California is only for those who are extremely prepared!

You can find this mountain in Yosemite National Park, where it’s going to take you over 10 hours to complete a hiking trail. Although trails are equipped with cable wires that are meant to help tourists, they are not strong enough to save someone’s life in case of an incident.

There are over 60 visitors who have slipped on the trail and lost their lives, but that doesn’t stop other adventurous people from trying it out. This touristic attraction welcomes millions of curious visitors every year, and many are those who are daring to try its dangerous and deadly trails. Those who were lucky enough and came back alive said that the views make up for all the risks during the adventure!

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5. Corbet’s Couloir, Wyoming

The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is a beautiful touristic attraction that attracts tourists from all over the world. Not just because of its beautiful landscapes, but actually for its region called the Corbet’s Couloir, which is one of the most dangerous ski hills that exist.

You have to be one of the best skiers in order to survive tackling this deadly slope, because it is full of obstacles, such as boulders, sharp turns, and even trees.

Due to the fact that it represents a challenge even for people who have been skiing all of their lives, the Corbet’s Couloir was named one of America’s scariest ski slopes!

The good thing is that nobody has died while trying to get down the slope, but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous! There are lots of people who end up with broken bones, fractures, and blown-out knees.

Because it is so hard to arrive at the bottom safely, you will need permission from the Ski Patrol in order to attempt “having fun” on this slope.

4. Pikes Peak, Colorado

The next dangerous touristic attraction is Pikes Peak in Colorado, which represents home to the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, also known by visitors as The Race To The Clouds.

This is the place where an annual high-speed race is organized, which is one of the favorite spots for professional drivers and motorcyclists. They compete against each other in order to reach the top of the mountain.

Even though it might sound fun at first, it is actually very dangerous, because the race track has 12.42 miles and more than 150 twists and turns.

For many years there have been a lot of accidents that resulted in several injuries and even deaths during the race. However, this is not the only thing that makes this mountain so threatening.

There are people who are willing to hike the steep trails and they usually get in a lot of trouble. This is a hard activity to do even if you are a  hiker with a lot of experience. Tourists who are not properly equipped or trained often get injured or even worse.

3. Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

The Carlsbad Caverns of New Mexico have stunning and remarkable mineral deposits that are shaped like icicles, highlighting the cave’s surface and allure. There are hundreds of thousands of tourists who come to see this beautiful cave all year round.

However, in recent years it has been found that there is actually an invisible hazard that has the ability to put any visitors in danger. Although many people believed that the worst thing that can happen during a visit is the possibility of getting lost in one of the dozens of rooms, this has nothing to do with the actual threat.

From time to time, these caverns discharge noxious gases, such as radon, which has been related to lung cancer. These gases form in the basement of the cave, but they can scope through the caverns, affecting all the people who are in them at the moment.

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2. Slick Rock Biking Trail, Utah

The Slick Rock Biking Trail in Utah has amazing views that attract adventurous tourists all over the world. Even though it has a reputation for being an extremely challenging bike trail, people don’t seem to give up.

This 10.5-mile trail is considered to be a unique place for those who love adrenaline because it takes riders over hardened sand dunes and even powdery remains of timeworn sea beds.

If you want to prove that you are a good biker, you will need both physical strength and technical skills in order to succeed in climbing this trail. The majority of hills are so abrupt, that most visitors end up getting off their bikes and start walking.

The space is wide-open, which makes it very difficult for visitors who are not well prepared. Because of that, the trail is the victim of the sun’s heat, which can lead to people’s dehydration, heat-stroke, and fatigue.

1. Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming

As beautiful as these hot springs are, you have to know that they are extremely dangerous! If you want to take a trip to the Grand Prismatic Spring in Wyoming, you will be completely fine as long as you are respecting all the recommendations and warning signs that the Park Rangers give you.

We can’t say that everyone does what they are told to do, which has led to many accidents and more than 20 deaths. People who’ve lost their lives fell into the boiling waters and couldn’t be saved.

There are also people who want to test out the waters’ temperature, even though they know it’s forbidden. They end up with strict and harsh burns, which let’s be honest, are not the best way to end a vacation!


What do you think about these 8 dangerous touristic attractions in the U.S.? Have you ever been to any of these? We are curious to find out more about your experiences, so make sure to let us know by leaving a comment in the section down below!

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