National Parks: 4 Genius Apps to Plan and Pull Off Your Incredible Trip

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#3 Federal sleeping grounds:

If you want to make sure that you do not end up on any private properties or in any shady campsites that people may have set up around national parks, you can always count on to be your guide! This app is only going to show you the camping options that are categorized as federal, and you will be able to stay in the specific park or forest that you are currently visiting instead of having to look around for sleeping options.

It is a great app to check even before you end up going on your national park trip, especially since it would be a great help when it comes to planning said trip. You can easily see each campsite that is available near your chosen location on the app, along with their specific rules, availability, and amenities. Some of them may be tent-only, and some may also accommodate RVs and the like, so it’s better to know beforehand.

Another perk of is the fact that you can conveniently book a place in your chosen location through the app. This is in addition to learning everything you need to know about park permits, as well as applying for them and paying any entry fees that may apply!

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