National Parks: 4 Genius Apps to Plan and Pull Off Your Incredible Trip

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#2 Explore with comfort: Just Ahead

Are you one of the people who loves to go on guided tours? Is the idea of getting to know the park better, including its history and any interesting facts, appealing to you? Then just going ahead may be the best option for you.

This app makes use of the location option on your phone (basically accessing your GPS, even if you do not have access to the internet) in order to narrate everything you need to know about that specific marker. And it doesn’t stop at that: it also tells you facts about geology, important historical moments, and even scenic views that you will definitely want to stop by and see for yourself!

The information you will get is not one to discredit, however! All the information you are going to hear will be narrated by the authors who wrote it, who are journalists or writers for Outside Magazine and National Geographic. And the best part yet? You can get all this information from the comfort of your car if the weather is not really on your side that day!

The one limitation it has is the fact that it only includes the most popular national parks in the US (like Joshua Tree, the Rocky Mountains, and Yellowstone) and that you will have to pay for each guide. Yet, for all that information and convenience, you will only have to pay around $15, so we say it is definitely worth it!

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