6 Gorgeous Vacations by the Water for Seniors With No Savings

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2. Puerto Rico

If your dream vacation means visiting a tropical paradise and laying on the beach all the time, then Puerto Rico is perfect for you. Here you can find island adventures and relaxing beach breaks.

Its beautiful central mountains are home to several coffee haciendas and provide perfect locations for sports like cave tubing and zip-lining.

Puerto Rico has 300 miles of coastline, and along this coastline, you can find everything from idyllic beaches and hidden coves to family-friendly activities and other vibrant and entertaining things to do. For example, if you are into water sports and scuba diving, you can try to take a water taxi to Cayo Icacos. There, you can go snorkeling in the clear and calm waters.

If you want to take a cheap flight to Puerto Rico, you can find amazing deals from any US location to San Juan (SJU). The trick is to buy them early. After you get the plane tickets, you should keep in mind that drinks, food, and accommodation are not the cheapest.

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