6 Secret Southern Destinations to Cool Down This Summer

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1. Lure Lake (North Carolina)

Our first stop will be somewhere in the state of North Carolina, more precisely in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Here at the feet of those gorgeous mountains, you can find something that makes the whole landscape even better: Lure Lake. This place is full of magic and can amaze anyone who decides to travel to the southern Appalachians.

If you plan to visit Lure Lake, you should know that you can find it pretty close to the “mountain capital” of North Carolina, Asheville. You will only need to drive a little under an hour. Fun fact about this destination: it is one of the filming locations of the well-known movie Dirty Dancing.

If you plan to dip into Lure Lake, be prepared because, besides the inviting beach, you can also practice every water sport you can imagine. If you feel tired after all of the action, you can relax at the Lake Lure Inn. This is a historic location that was built in 1927 and has an incredibly traditional and authentic look. It also has an excellent restaurant and a spa where you can unwind and rejuvenate.

Have you ever heard about the place presented on the next page? Many people did not, but if you did, tell us your experience in the comments!

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