7 Oasis Retreats Where You Forget All Your Problems

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Courtesy of Pritikin Longevity Center

Pritikin Longevity Center + Spa (Miami, Florida)

Pritikin’s personalized wellness programs are tailored to each guest’s specific requirements, and they include one-on-one consultations with top health professionals such as certified dieticians, exercise physiologists, and cardiologists.

Guests may be asked to undergo extensive bloodwork testing, exercise tolerance testing, heart-rate tracking throughout fitness sessions, physical exams, sleep studies, and other evaluations in order to develop a customized route ahead. 

When you leave this resort you will have the knowledge of how to shop for and prepare healthy meals, maintain a fitness and activity plan, and build the resilience to relax and recover effectively at home, all of this under the supervision of Pritikin’s team of professionals. 

The resort’s accommodations include freshly renovated suites and rooms with spectacular views. Other facilities accessible at Pritikin include spa treatments, meditation and yoga courses, golf, tennis, and a culinary school.

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