7 Oasis Retreats Where You Forget All Your Problems

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Courtesy of The Art of Living Retreat Center

The Art of Living Retreat Center (Boone, North Carolina)

The Art of Living Retreat Center, located in the scenic landscape of North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, is the ideal place for anyone pursuing a transformational and therapeutic experience.

To ensure guests reach their wellness aspirations, the committed team of Ayurvedic professionals mixes the principles of the old natural medicine system with yoga, nutrition, massage, soothing steam treatments, and herbal supplements.

A 3-day Happiness Retreat offers the unique approach of breathing meditation. This practice is one of the ways guests may learn to deal with stress, seasonal affective disorder, difficult human relationships, and other challenges that might bother them in their day-to-day lives. After a visit to this retreat, you will achieve a feeling of total wellness and fulfillment.

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