10 Laid-Back US States Where You Can Truly Relax

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3. Iowa

Iowa is known for many things, including pork and corn production, the Iowa State Fair, and political caucuses. Located in the heart of the Midwest region, Iowa is the only US state to be bordered on two sides by navigable rivers: the Missouri and the Mississippi.

Here you’ll find rolling hills, picturesque farmland, and lush green fields. The state is also home to sliced bread, the Red Delicious apple, and the American Gothic House seen in Grant Wood’s famous painting.

According to the latest data, Iowa is the third most laid-back state in America. People who live in this midwestern state experience remarkably low levels of stress over safety, health, and money-related matters. Iowa also boasts one of the lowest percentages of people in poor health and provides the most affordable housing of any other US state.

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