10 Laid-Back US States Where You Can Truly Relax

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4. South Dakota

Here’s another laid-back state you may want to live in. South Dakota is known as “the land of infinite variety.” That variety is everywhere, from scenery and weather to the economy and state symbols.

Additionally, the state is famous for its expansive, stunning landscape, which encompasses mountains and rugged lands. And, of course, there’s also the Mount Rushmore National Monument, which is South Dakota’s most prominent tourist attraction.

The state is the fourth most laid-back state in America. Its residents deal with the least amount of stress over work-related issues compared with other states in the country. South Dakota also boasts fewer family-related stressors than the average. People who live in this state tend to get more sleep, have more affordable homes, and have higher credit scores as well.

Keep reading to discover the top 3 most laid-back US states!

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