10 Laid-Back US States Where You Can Truly Relax

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5. Utah

When most people think of Utah, they probably think of the Mormon religion and the numerous national parks that are located in the state. But Utah is famous for so much more, which makes the state a lovely place to visit and, why not, live in.

Also known for its stunning slopes, narrow slot canyons, and epic red rocks, Utah’s diverse landscape is a diverse wonderland. About two-thirds of the state is held as public land, which means that both residents and tourists have unlimited access to breathtaking views and unforgettable adventures.

When it comes to the level of stress in this state, Utah provides a relaxing and laid-back place to live for its residents. In fact, those who live in stressed-out states may even feel a little bit jealous.

According to the latest reports, Utah residents experience less stress over work-related issues and work fewer average hours per week than nearly all other states in the country. But that’s not all; the state also has low divorce rates and low levels of money-related stressors.

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