5 Best Uncrowded Beaches in Florida to Visit This Summer

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#5 Satellite Beach

South of Cocoa Beach If there is one place you should not miss when it comes to catching the sunset or sunrise, it is Sunset Beach. While it is designed to be able to host a lot of people, this beach is still one of the less crowded ones. It is served by a total of six parking lots, so you will be able to park close to the beach, with two of them being located on the north side. If you want to meet the fewest crowds, you should use these two north parking lots, which are the closest to South Patrick Shores.

On this same stretch of beach, you will find the Patrick Space Force Base, which also has a number of beaches that they keep open to the general public.

One thing you need to keep in mind if you wish to come to these beaches is that during high tide, the beach disappears as it is not particularly wide.

If beaches are not your cup of tea, do not worry! There are amazing lavender fields in Florida that are going to make your trip exciting and fragrant!

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