5 Best Uncrowded Beaches in Florida to Visit This Summer

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#4 Sunset Beach

If you are looking to find a white-sand beach in Florida, then look no further than Sunset Beach. Located in a beach community in Saint Petersburg, you will find it at the southern end of Treasure Island. This lovely beach is mainly used by the residents of the area, but it is not closed to outsiders, so you can easily go and not have any problems.

This gorgeous beach is located in the Gulf of Mexico, so you should not expect to see big waves, as they are more tame on this side than on the Atlantic Ocean side. A good thing to keep in mind is that while the beach is fairly uncrowded, you will also have a problem when it comes to public parking. There are two parking lots in the area, but they tend to fill up pretty fast, especially if it is a weekend. That’s when you will want to arrive a little earlier.

Otherwise, you can easily count on the fact that you are going to have the whole beachfront almost all to yourself!

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