50 Best State Parks Around The US

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Missouri: Prairie State Park

Since there are less than 65,000 acres of tallgrass prairie that remain in our country, prairie park offers a glimpse of the vanishing ecosystem. The park has over 150 different kinds of birds, 500 plant species, and many other unique wildlife.

Montana: Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park

Even though a few states might have a state park named Lewis and Clark, Montana’s is the oldest and stands out from the rest due to its underground limestone caverns and caves.

Besides checking out some of the largest caves in the Northwest, visitors can also benefit from the park’s more than 40 campsites, plus areas that are just perfect for fishing and hunting.

Nebraska: Smith Falls State Park

If you’re a fan of waterfalls, this place is for you! It’s home to Nebraska’s tallest waterfall. From the park, you can paddle your way down the Niobrara River or hike to the closeby Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge and get a glimpse of the area’s bison and elk.

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