Best Historical Cities to Visit in the US

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The US has been shaped over and over again by a turbulent and remarkably diverse past. What’s more, the nation’s famed history is laid out in spectacular glory at every turn you take, nowhere more so than in our historical cities. True, Europe boasts a centuries-long and recognized past, but American history, which extends well beyond the New World’s discovery with its many ancient Native American civilizations, is compelling too.

In the past 400 years, America has woven a dynamic, complex, and controversial story. Our country is filled with cities of importance in terms of history and culture. Admire the grandeur of the centuries-old colonial architecture. Marvel at monuments, visit inspirational museum collections and study America’s evolution through its streets, homes, and landmarks.

For those who relish discovering a new place through its history, we’ve compiled a list of the US’s top 11 most historical cities. These destinations are brimming with heritage, culture, bizarre stories, and plenty of old-world appeals, each hiding a wealth of fascinating historical attractions waiting to be explored.

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