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Have A Drink At Oktoberfest- Munich

Munich’s Oktoberfest was created in 1810 as a horse race to honor a royal wedding. But everyone enjoyed the drinking aspect a lot more and had such a great time that they decided to do it again the following year.

The horse race has now become a part of history, but the beer clearly hasn’t. Oktoberfest is officially the world’s biggest party drawing nearly six million visitors annually to southern Germany. And there’s a good reason Oktoberfest is on many people’s bucket lists.

For starters, it’s millions of people drinking massive amounts of beer and singing songs to which no one knows the words. It’s got everything you could ask for from a vacation/festival/honeymoon/Tuesday night/etc.

Just fill any occasion into that sentence, and Oktoberfest fits in it. Just retired? Perfect! What a perfect place to sit around and drink beer until the end of time!

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