Top 6 Best and Worst States to Drive In

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5. Colorado

Here’s another state that you may want to think twice before driving in. The weather conditions aren’t an issue in Colorado. In fact, in terms of driving-related weather metrics, this state is one of the best places to drive in. However, Colorado is one of the most expensive states for drivers.

Its residents contend with high auto insurance costs and gas prices. For instance, the annual full coverage car insurance premiums cost on average $342 more than the national average.

Colorado drivers also deal with a higher level of traffic congestion and poorer road quality than the national average.

6. Hawaii

Despite its globally famous natural beauty, Hawaii ranks as one of the worst states to drive in. Here’s one reason: the state is one of the worst places for speeding-related fatal car accidents.

In fact, about 48% of fatal crashes in Hawaii involved speeding, so you may want to be very careful when driving in there. As a result, this state has the highest percentage of speeding-related fatal crashes in the country.

Its residents also deal with one of the highest average gas prices and auto maintenance costs. When it comes to careless driving, the fatality rate of pedestrians is 2.36 per capita and 0.28 for cyclists.

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