Top 6 Best and Worst States to Drive In

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3. Rhode Island

Despite being the smallest state in the country, Rhode Island has become a big headache for those who drive there. In fact, it ranks as the fifth worst state for driving quality standards and the fourth worst for drivers overall.

The state has a high number of bridges and roads in disrepair, and its residents spend more time stuck in traffic than drivers in most other states, on average. On top of that, Rhode Island drivers spend more money on their car insurance, paying an average of $344 more for annual car insurance than drivers in the rest of the country.

4. Maryland

Not only is Maryland a dangerous state to drive in, but also an expensive one. This is primarily due to poor road quality and high car insurance costs. Maryland drivers typically spend hundreds of dollars more annually for full coverage car insurance than drivers in 40 other states.

The state’s infrastructure quality came to rank worse than the national average, not to mention that the urban congestion rate is pretty high there. In fact, Maryland ranks dead last in the traffic & infrastructure category, covering everything from road quality and rush-hour traffic to the increase in highway travel and the number of icy days.

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