Top 6 Best and Worst States to Drive In

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Bets states for drivers

1. Ohio

According to the latest data, Ohio ranks as the best state for drivers. Although the Buckeye State boasts an average percentage of traffic-related deaths and ranks middle-of-the-road in the driving quality evaluation, Ohio is one of the most affordable places for drivers.

On average, Ohio is the second-cheapest state for car repairs and has the second-cheapest annual full-coverage car insurance premiums in the country. Plus, research shows that Ohioans are more likely to wear their seatbelts compared to residents in most other states.

2. Iowa

In terms of safety and weather, Iowa belongs in the middle of the pack. According to driving quality standards, the state ranks sixth-best on the list; it is also ranked the fourth-cheapest state for drivers. These two characteristics make Iowa one of the best US states for drivers overall.

The annual full-coverage car insurance in Iowa costs $467 less than the national average. On top of this, its residents pay an average of $356.57 yearly on auto repairs, which is less than the amount spent by residents from other states.

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