50 Best State Parks Around The US

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Kansas: Wilson State Park

If you thought this was just another flat state, we’re here to tell you that you couldn’t be more wrong. While Wilson doesn’t have any mega-gigantic peaks, it DOES offer its visitors hilly terrain that’s simply perfect for cycling.

It even has some spectacular rocky cliff formations around the reservoir. For a leisurely stroll, walkers should opt for the easy one-mile Cedar Trail. And after you’ve finished, you can fish and swim in designated areas, as well.

Kentucky: Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

Also known as the “Niagara of the South,” Cumberland Falls is home to a 125ft wide waterfall that creates a moonbow at nighttime.

And during a full moon, the falls make a stunning rainbow from the moon’s light, a spectacle you can’t find anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere.

Louisiana: Chicot State Park

This park features 6,400 acres of fruitful hills, swamps, and woodland circling Chicot Lake. Fishing enthusiasts can catch bluegills and largemouth bass at the beautiful 400ft fishing pier, while children can enjoy the water playground located here.

There are even several picturesque hikes and strolls through the park’s mangroves and forests. If visiting The Arboretum, you won’t want to miss the magnolia and beech tree forest.

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