50 Best State Parks Around The US

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Georgia: Vogel State Park

This happens to be Georgia’s second-oldest state park. The perfect time to visit is in autumn, when you can watch the leaves of the trees around the Blue Ridge Mountains change from green to gold, red, and orange.

The park, which sits at the bottom of Blood Mountain, offers many hiking trails, which range from leisurely strolls to more challenging treks up to the Appalachian Trail. Make sure you also visit the 22-acre lake, where you can kayak or paddleboard.

Hawaii: Waimea Canyon State Park, Kauai

Frequently known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, Waimea Canyon is home to thousands of canyons that are extremely deep and vividly multicolored, thanks to its eroded reddish rocks, lush greenery, and rushing waterfalls.

And while hiking through the park is always an option, visitors can also drive around the canyon, stopping at the picturesque viewpoints to snap a few photos and take it all in. Just make sure you arrive early to skip the fog.

Idaho: Bruneau Dunes State Park

This particular park in Idaho happens to be home to the tallest single-structured dune on our continent. And even though you can simply hike through the park, the bolder visitors are encouraged to rent a sandboard to try it out.

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