50 Best State Parks Around The US

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Wisconsin: Devil’s Lake State Park

Just a short drive from Madison, Devil’s Lake is located on native land, home to effigy mounds, part of the Ho-Chunk cultural origin. Nowadays, the park offers a couple of sandy beaches, picnic areas complete with barbecue grills, and the option to swim or kayak.

You can expect to see over 29 hiking trails and 500ft hike quartzite bluffs that offer stunning views of the park. The best part is that you can go for a day trip, or you can camp overnight at one of their 423 sites.

Wyoming: Hot Springs State Park

Rightly named after its natural hot springs, Hot Springs has a free bathhouse where visitors can appreciate a therapeutic dip in waters that constantly remain at 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Adventure seekers can hike, boat,… and maybe even get a view of the park’s bison herd.

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