50 Best State Parks Around The US

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Virginia: First Landing State Park

Named to celebrate the first European settlers’ landing on the continent, First Landing is a beach-goers’ dream.

With effortless access to the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay, this park delivers tranquil waters, undercrowded beaches, and easy boardwalk access. Visitors looking to escape the busy pace of Virginia Beach can also rent a cabin and stay overnight.

Washington: Wenatchee State Park

The understated magnificence of this park comes from the immaculate, five-mile lake and river. With hiking, biking, and guided horseback rides that span the park’s highland forests and mountains, it’s easy to submerge yourself in nature.

Luckily, camping is available all year round, including snow camping for those gutsy enough to face cold temperatures.

West Virginia: Blackwater Falls State Park

The water flowing down the Blackwater River may look black, but this gorge and waterfall shouldn’t be missed, especially if you’ve got a camera in your hand. In addition to the captivating scenery, the park also has plenty of biking, hiking, and fishing opportunities.

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